Supporting Doctors

Langley BC Cannabis will help support healthcare practitioners

Supporting the best healthcare for patients

Langley BC Cannabis, as a prospective cannabis extractor, aims to create the best medical cannabis products on the market by using scientific methods, lab testing and stringent reporting to provide the highest quality and safest product for out medical patients. As such we are partnering with expert doctors and other medical professionals to provide the best quality healthcare available.

We plan to produce medical cannabis that will be consistently:

Lab Tested for Quality and Safety
Safe and High Quality
Sustainably Grown in Our Low Waste Facility
Free of Harmful Chemicals and other contaminants

As a health care practitioner we will have several options to optimize the treatment of your patients by making the medical cannabis experience as easy as possible.

The staff at Langley BC Cannabis will support you in providing relevant materials on medical cannabis, Health Canada forms and documentation and expert support on the process of acquiring and prescribing medical cannabis.

Partnering with Doctors

Your family doctor or primary care physician is where you should be going with all your health needs. Your patients may come to you with questions regarding medical cannabis and Langley BC Cannabis can help you answer those questions and determine if medical cannabis is the right treatment for your patient.

Under the Cannabis Act, patients who wish to acquire cannabis for medical purposes must seek out a prescription from a health care professional.  This will differ from acquiring cannabis through a recreation dispensary and your patients should be aware of this difference.

As a health care professional you will need to issue a valid prescription and fill out all the necessary forms and documents that the patient will submit to Health Canada in order to receive medical cannabis.

Who Choose Langley BC Cannabis

Safe and Lab Tested

All product we send to patients has been stringently tested in a lab and contains no harmful chemicals or contaminants.

Child Resistant

All our packaging will be plainly labeled and child resistant.

Supporting Patients and Doctors

At every step of the process Langley BC Cannabis will be there to offer support and advice to both patients and doctors.

Want to know more about Langley BC Cannabis?

Are you a doctor and would like to know more about medical cannabis, the Cannabis Act or Langley BC Cannabis? Just send us an email using this form and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.

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