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Medical Vs. Recreational Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis in Canada is different from recreational cannabis in Canada in a number of ways. Predominantly, the largest difference between medical and recreational cannabis is you must obtain permission from a medical professional to acquire medical cannabis from a licensed medical cannabis producer. Other differences include ways you can obtain cannabis and availability of the cannabis itself.

In a nutshell medical cannabis is a preparation of the cannabis plant to be used for medical purposes. This can include oils and extracts for inhalation or ingestion. It is most commonly prescribed to be smoked by users as this gives the familiar and direct dose of the phytochemicals (active medical ingredients in cannabis).

Recreational Cannabis

Now that Canada has legalized recreational cannabis use and production, what does that mean? People in Canada can now purchase and use cannabis for recreational use legally as well as grow a small amount of cannabis for their own uses.

Recreational cannabis users will differ from medical ones in respects to how they acquire their cannabis and how that cannabis can be delivered to them.  Each province will have difference regulations and best practices for the sale and distribution of cannabis. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us and one of our agents will be able to answer all your question.

Pride in Excellence

Langley BC Cannabis is committed to becoming the top craft Canadian cannabis extractor.  Our growing team has years of experience in cannabis science. We are striving to produce a product that is both superior to the competition and at a lower price.  Our superior knowledge and expertise that has been honed over years of practice will produce a product that is both potent, safe and affordable for Canadians

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