The Story Of Langley BC Cannabis

Building the future of Canadian Cannabis one step at a time

Humble Roots, Big Dreams

Langley BC Cannabis is prospective Canadian cannabis extractor that takes its name from the place in which it was born and plans to create a new paradigm of excellence and affordability.  British Columbia’s Fraser Valley is known for its rich agricultural heritage, and strong agricultural background. With this strong foundation, Langley BC Cannabis is set to create a new standard for Canada’s budding cannabis industry.

One Step Into the Future

Langley BC Cannabis represents the future of Canada’s Cannabis industry. Our expert team has decades of experience producing cannabis products for Canada’s medical patients. We want to set a new paradigm of excellence and affordability by providing the best medical cannabis on the Canadian market.

We plan to do this by sourcing the best cannabis from producers and using state of the art technology. Using science and old fashioned know how to make sure that each and every gram of product we extract is absolutely perfect.  With out state of the art facility we plan to start extracting from day one of our license.  Our team of experts will be able to produce the absolute best cannabis extracts in Canada.